Variations on a Theme: A Mailbox for All Seasons

CM Most beautiful mailbox

Some mailboxes come alive in the spring and summer when the flowers bloom around them.  Here are a few  in my neighborhood that are hidden gems.

CM lavender mailboxCM patriotic mailboxCM flower and flag mailbox

 My old favorite, the Mack Truck bulldog mailbox, has provided entertainment throughout the changing seasons. I especially love the Russian hat!!

CM Summertime bulldogCM Face forward bulldogChillymink russian mack mailbox

2 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme: A Mailbox for All Seasons

  1. Sartenada says:

    Wow, how beautiful mailboxes. I love Your collection of them. In Finland, we do not have so beautiful. I have found only one in the north of our country. You can see it here:

    About me.

    Have a great day!


    • chillymink says:

      My husband travels to Finland periodically and I have always wanted to go with him! Now that I have seen your beautiful photographs of your country I want to even more! Thank you for your kind comments!


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