Jump In!


What to do when you don’t feel fun or functional?! Playful or practical? Sometimes you just have to wait it out. Life sometimes needs to be just taken in. Not made into something it just isn’t…at least not for the present time. So, I waited. Oh, I had playful moments, even some practical stretches… but not enough to get back to life as it was. So, I waited. I have decided to just jump back in- the water is invigorating, shocking, uncomfortable but as they say (risk-fully so!), “Sometimes you just have to say…”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted


We had so much fun watching people ride the Mine Blower roller coaster at the Fun Spot in Kissimmee, Florida. To get this Twisted picture they let me get as close to the ride as possible without having to actually ride it! That was exciting enough for me!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

CM Rounded Bench B&W Fotor

These challenges have been so much fun to do! Either I find myself looking for opportunities to photograph something or to look through past photos I have taken to see if I can meet the challenge that way.

This time I looked through recent photos that I have taken and came across this rounded bench. For people who know me, or have read past posts know that I have a fondness for a bench. I love that someone considered someone else’s comfort and decided to provide a place to rest, to settle, to take a load off! My daughter and I saw this bench on a recent trip to Virginia. This bench was on the Chatham Manor near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Manor has a complicated history and is a place worth visiting.

I wonder who has sat on this bench over the years…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

CM Glow v7_Fotor

I took this picture because of the amazing hat that was displayed on this mannequin in a small, crowded antique shop outside of Boston. It was one of three vintage hats displayed in the space. I thought the person who wore it years ago had to be truly fabulous! Positively glowing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

CM Slug Bug_Fotor.jpg

My brother-in-law, Rick, taught us a game called “Slug Bug.” When you see a Volkswagen you get to “punch” the person next to you and call out “Slug Bug Green!” (or whatever color it was.)  This game was fun until the person saw a Volkswagen Van…then they get to punch you 10 times instead of just once. So whenever I see a Volkswagen Van I think fondly on those days and wish Rick was nearby to give a punch!

So what does this have to do with the word of the week? Unusual. This Slug Bug game somehow turned into a game that we call “Odd Thing!” It was a travel game that we made up- if you see something unusual you yell out “Odd Thing!” and everyone in the car either agrees or disagrees. (No punching was involved!) We don’t really keep track of how many things are seen, no one really wins so I’m not sure how the game continues, but it does! I guess unusual things seen are reward enough!