Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

CM Rounded Bench B&W Fotor

These challenges have been so much fun to do! Either I find myself looking for opportunities to photograph something or to look through past photos I have taken to see if I can meet the challenge that way.

This time I looked through recent photos that I have taken and came across this rounded bench. For people who know me, or have read past posts know that I have a fondness for a bench. I love that someone considered someone else’s comfort and decided to provide a place to rest, to settle, to take a load off! My daughter and I saw this bench on a recent trip to Virginia. This bench was on the Chatham Manor near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Manor has a complicated history and is a place worth visiting.

I wonder who has sat on this bench over the years…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

CM Glow v7_Fotor

I took this picture because of the amazing hat that was displayed on this mannequin in a small, crowded antique shop outside of Boston. It was one of three vintage hats displayed in the space. I thought the person who wore it years ago had to be truly fabulous! Positively glowing!