I Have an Idea: Entrance Poster (Part 2)


Once winter passed, I was on the hunt for a new picture to put up in our entryway.

My husband and I went to the Philadelphia Boat Show to as they say, “dream a little dream.” Along the way, we decided to instead dream big and went aboard a huge pontoon boat that we called the “Party Boat.”

We shared the picture we took and got a good laugh about it with our family. It was at this time that I decided I wanted to put the picture up in our entrance.

Party Boat Poster

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a party boat upon entering their home?

I enjoyed the Party Boat Poster so much I wasn’t sure how to replace it. We’ve been looking at old family photos trying to unlock genealogical mysteries when I remembered a picture of my father-in-law running on a beach looking like joy personified.

Of course remembering it and finding it were two different tasks. My husband ended up asking his sister if she knew where it might be. Thankfully she did find it and sent us a copy! My husband adjusted the dimensions and ordered it as a poster. This is Pure Joy.

Beach Poster

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