Variations on a Theme: A Journey of 10,000 Steps Begins with a Single Mailbox

Barn Mailbox

I began noticing more mailboxes after my initial appreciation of the Mack bulldog.

My morning walk with my husband is about 3 miles. We have walked 1 of 2 routes for about 3 years now. Despite having lived in the same neighborhood for decades, I never paid very much attention to my neighbor’s mailboxes, unless of course I collided with it with my car (which did actually happen. Another story for another day. Let’s keep this post positive!)

But once I started walking the same route consistently, I began to appreciate the creativity and care that a surprising number of my neighbors put into their mailboxes.

Here are some from my neighborhood:

DSC_0430IMG_6066IMG_6060IMG_6059IMG_6050DSC_0435IMG_5953IMG_6047IMG_6048Saddlebag MailboxIMG_5952

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