I Have an Idea: Bourbon Bottle Vanilla


How many bottles is too many bottles?

I may be a pack rat, but I prefer to think of it as being a “saver.”

Part of the reason why I save things is that I like the idea of a new use for an old thing. I think that most things can remain useful even if I haven’t figured out in what way yet.

I especially like bottles. This became an issue when my husband became interested in visiting craft distilleries. When we finished the bourbon we bought after visiting Tuthilltown Distillery in upstate New York, I couldn’t get rid of the empty bottle. It was just so lovely.

Tuthilltown Sign

Where it all started.

It wasn’t until my son was visiting for Christmas and mentioned he made his own vanilla for baking that I realized I had found a way to repurpose my bourbon bottles!

(Side note- most baked goods are better with a splash (or 2) or vanilla instead of a teaspoon as usually suggested!)

Vanilla with filter

We ordered vanilla beans online and bought the least expensive vodka available, since my son said, “the cheaper the vodka the better.” We cleaned out our bourbon bottles, added the vanilla beans, then poured in the vodka. The beans soaked in the vodka bath, and after a week or so it was ready!

Unaged VanillaUnaged Vanilla in cabinet

Aged Vanilla

Wish you could smell it!

That’s how I ended up with a bourbon bottle full of vanilla.

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