Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

CM I Spy a Great Marriage Fotor

I Spy a Great Marriage

This collage was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary card from us. It was fun gathering items that I thought represented them as individuals and as a couple. My dad was a photographer (camera), my mom loves to garden (gardening tools in the foreground), and they enjoy their after dinner coffee and conversation together (percolator). They enjoyed identifying the objects and their meanings. My favorite is the Fisher Price couple!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

CM Transient Fotor

Sounds of a transient event

I learned something new with this Photo Challenge. The word transient had sad connotations to me so I thought I would learn more about the word and its meanings. I was surprised when I read that there is a “thing” called a transient event in electrical engineering. My husband and son are electrical engineers so this seemed like an interesting thing to try and understand a bit more! This is what I learned:

1.Another word for transient is oscillation.

2. A transient event is a short-lived burst of energy in a system caused by a sudden change of state.

3. The strings of a string instrument is characterized by transients.

4. It is fun to listen to my husband play his guitar in the morning so I could take his picture and post this today!

Lesson over!