Favorite Things: In Season


I drove by this mailbox a couple of weeks ago and thought how beautiful it was with the starkness of the heavily twigged tree above it. It looked like a nest to me, and the mailbox was camouflaged. I never noticed how it looked when the tree was in bloom but I will definitely keep an eye out in the future.

The change of seasons affords the opportunity to take notice of the now because it is fleeting. It got me thinking about the old adage- to everything a season. Time waits for no one. Turn, turn, turn- you get the idea!

This was re-enforced when I walked past my “Most Beautiful Mailbox” recently. It isn’t the season for it. Some things have a short window of time to be at its peak. It is special when we are there to enjoy it!


The “Most Beautiful Mailbox” out of season…


CM Most beautiful mailbox

…and in season!


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