Variations on a Theme: Benches

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. The homes in my neighborhood were all ranch houses, with a choice of either red or white brick.


I enjoyed being invited into friends’ homes and was always surprised to see how different each house was on the inside when they were essentially all the same on the outside. The interiors reflected each family– unique, personal, and different.

As I was walking in my own neighborhood, I noticed the homes here had more variation in style, but people still put their own touches on their houses that make them uniquely theirs.

One surprising way was front porch benches. I had never really paid much attention to them before, but one day I noticed them, and once I did I couldn’t stop. As I noticed benches, I was surprised to realize how many different types there were!

Here are a few I saw in my neighborhood.



Mini bench


Isn’t this adorable?!

Looking at my neighbors’ benches made me reflect on the people themselves and the community I live in. Having a bench on the front porch or on the front lawn is inviting, welcoming. The bench chosen tells you something about the people who live inside!

I think the people who live in the house with the little sleeping puppies must be a hoot! I just may introduce myself to them!


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