Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

CM Slug Bug_Fotor.jpg

My brother-in-law, Rick, taught us a game called “Slug Bug.” When you see a Volkswagen you get to “punch” the person next to you and call out “Slug Bug Green!” (or whatever color it was.)  This game was fun until the person saw a Volkswagen Van…then they get to punch you 10 times instead of just once. So whenever I see a Volkswagen Van I think fondly on those days and wish Rick was nearby to give a punch!

So what does this have to do with the word of the week? Unusual. This Slug Bug game somehow turned into a game that we call “Odd Thing!” It was a travel game that we made up- if you see something unusual you yell out “Odd Thing!” and everyone in the car either agrees or disagrees. (No punching was involved!) We don’t really keep track of how many things are seen, no one really wins so I’m not sure how the game continues, but it does! I guess unusual things seen are reward enough!

Variations of a Theme: Double Take from a Friend


I received an email from a friend of mine that suggested I check out a sculpture of a giraffe she saw from the road as she was driving to her sister’s.  Her directions were intriguing and got me humming “We’re going on a bear hunt…”

I enlisted the help of my husband so that he could drive and I could take pictures and try and figure out how to get closer to it should we find it.

So, with my 35mm camera on the ready and my phone to “pin” my coordinates in Google Maps, I was scanning the right side of the road as directed when I saw the giraffe.


Picture taken from inside the car as we were driving past it at (let’s say) 65 miles per hour.


In my excitement I “pinned” its location a little south but we were able to locate it off the highway.  I like that it is looking out over the highway. It is difficult to get a true sense of its size from this distance.


Getting closer.





It was so fun getting a tip from my friend and being able to find it! Now that I found it it has left me with more questions than answers. Why is it there? Where is it from? Did it have a previous purpose? Maybe from a carnival? I am hoping to get more tips!


You just never know when you will happen upon a very large wooden giraffe!



Variations on a Theme: Double Take


One Sunday I enlisted my family to “assist me” in finding mailboxes I remembered passing and were unable to photograph, ones that I thought were worth going back for. Turns out “remembered” doesn’t actually work that well (especially on back roads.)

CM Doubletake Road Narrows.jpg

As we drove through the beautiful countryside, my daughter casually mentioned that she saw an orangutan holding up a roof. I thought she was joking, but it seemed unlikely she could make it up. We turned around, and yes, she wasn’t joking– an orangutan was holding up the roof!

CM Fotor Doubletake Orangatan

Talk about “playful meets practical!”

You just never know what you will see while out on a Sunday drive!

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